Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Lawson’s Video Is Released!

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We are so excited…Lawson’s music video has finally been released! The featured song, “The End Down Here,” gives a glimpse of Heaven and the hope Christians have when this life on earth is over; it is one of the original titles on his Cd entitled, “Freedom Sure Ain’t Free.”  
We hope you’ll take time to listen and enjoy!
The video was filmed in Colorado by Provident Media Group
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You can find Lawson’s CD on iTunes ( visit his website at

Alyssa’s Showers

We are grateful to those who hosted wedding showers for Alyssa:20140408_190223
1. Meghan Dempster  (a wonderful family friend who also hosted Alyssa on her first mission trip to Guatemala)
2. Bible Baptist Church friends & Alyssa’s Meema (Betty Jo Smith)
3. First Baptist Church in Central Florida hosted by several of the Webster family’s friends: Robin Brigham, Theresa Jones, Debbie Green, Debbie Warren, Debbie Updike, Rachel Sivels, Donna Rollins, Jean Mclendon, Dawn Sides, Pam Jones, Beverly Powell, and Cindy Brown.
We are also grateful for the many friends and relatives who brought or sent gifts. Alyssa and John feel very loved and are anxious to begin setting up their new home together! (They had a beautiful wedding and an incredible honeymoon, and are now back in Florida to settle down! More updates to come!)
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Erin’s Graduation

On May 5th, Erin graduated from Crown College of the Bible with honors, magna cum laude. She earned a bachelors degree in music ministry and received the Brad Askew Award for Music Ministry, along with her Crown College music teacher certification. We are so very proud of her dedication and hard work! She paid her own way through school by teaching piano lessons, so she spent many long days and excessive hours between her classes, lessons, and homework! We are also extremely grateful for the teachers who impacted her life and set such a wonderful Christian example! The classes at Crown were challenging and spiritually inspiring! Many thanks to Crown College faculty and Pastor Sexton for maintaining such high standards and exemplary goals for the students! (

Zach’s Campaign Results

DSC04369The Republican Primary was Tuesday, May 6th. Zach finished the race with 47 percent of the votes. It was a very close race and we are proud of Zach’s hard work and determination. He had a lot of obstacles to overcome: only having 2 months of campaigning, operating on an extremely lower budget, being a much younger age, and running against an incumbent. In spite of these handicaps, he tirelessly pressed on and we are grateful for his testimony!
We are also extremely grateful for the donations, encouraging words, and sacrifices made to help during the campaign. We have neve1922507_1399485690317206_328588268_nr seen such commitment! The Duggar Family hosted a fund raiser rally, made several robo calls, invested in the campaign, and were a huge source of counsel and wisdom. Josh Duggar and Jimmy Ranier designed the two mailers. Andy Leftwich and Cody Kilby from Kentucky Thunder hosted a fund raiser concert. Former Mayor Myron Iwanski and Alan Beauchamp offered an endless amount of support and help! Many families and individuals drove long distances to help man polls for 11 hours on the final day. James Perryman and 4 of his siblings drove from Texas to help knock 2000 remaining doors in 3 days and to manage the final day manning the 27 polls.
Most of all, we’re grateful to the thousands that placed their confidence in Zach and voted for him. He will complete his remaining term as commissioner and will continue to look for opportunities to serve the county he loves so much!
On a side note, the following day yielded some good news: Zach and Whitney are expecting a boy! We all feel exceptionally blessed and grateful! (
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And after LONG LONG hours of campaigning…….
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“A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches.” Proverbs 22:1